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You live to go through an examination in life and you die to live

We are undergoing an examination in life for the following:

  • Do we realise the existence of a Creator and pray to the Creator
  • Do we Fear Nothing except the Creator
  • Do we practice Think Good, See Good, Hear Good, Speak Good and Do Good

Depending on our life's examination, we will either live in Heaven or in Hell upon the death of our physical body.

Life is what you make it to be. If you want to do good, God will allow you to do more good. If you want to do evil, God will allow you to do more evil

  • The Creator gave us freedom of consciousness and with that, human have the free will to choose between good consciousness and evil consciousness. Would you choose to listen to the saint or the devil?
  • The Creator also created Heaven and Hell. Your choices in life, whether to do more good or to do more evil is entirely up to you as "You live to go through an examination in life, and you die to live".

It is better to suffer here than to suffer hereafter

  • In our life's examination, we may be dealt with a life of poverty and we are required to work hard and suffer hardship to make a good living for us and our family.
  • However, if one opts for the easy way out by stealing, cheating or lying, upon death, they will have to suffer in Hell for their sins on Earth.
  • It is better we suffer here and enjoy Heaven later, than to enjoy life through a dishonest means and suffer in Hell for tens or hundreds of centuries later.

The body is real, but the soul is a reality

  • The body is real as we feel pain when our body is hurt, hunger when we have not been eating, exhaustion when we have been physically active and sick when we have not been taking care of our health.
  • But the soul is the reality as our brief life on Earth is an examination to see where our soul will end up; an eternity of pleasure in Heaven or tens of millennia of sufferings in Hell.

You believe in me, I believe you can go to Heaven. You don't believe in me, I don't believe you can go to Heaven

  • Xian Sheng is The Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit.
  • Once we have accepted Baitiangong (Praying to the Creator) as our way of life, we should believe in his teachings and trust in him to lead us on the path to Heaven.
  • If we doubt his teachings even 1 percent, the Devil would build on our doubts to lead us away from praying to the Creator and off the path to Heaven.
  • That is why, Xian Sheng always asks a new follower to visit existing religions, ask any question any time, and follow his teachings for as long as he or she wants before accepting Baitiangong.
  • Xian Sheng warns us that we can fool around with anything in life, including Xian Sheng, but we cannot fool around with the Creator or God.

We may share the same table for meals, but our examination in life is our own

  • 我们虽然在同一个桌子用餐,但是每一个人是以各自的神圣修行去完成他们人生的考试。

The truth is what you believe in, but a fact is a fact

  • When it comes to religious belief, everyone believes that theirs is the truth. That truth is what you believe in.
  • The Creator allows for this, as man is undergoing an examination in life, and whether you use your analytical mind and logical thinking to search for the truth is entirely up to you.
The fact is there is only ONE Creator.
The fact is Heaven and Hell is created for man.
The fact is you cannot escape The Divine Law of Nature.
The fact is you can only go to Heaven if you pray to the Creator.
The fact is if you do more bad in life than do good, you will go to Hell, regardless, whether you pray to the Creator.
The fact is you have been reincarnated many, many times to undergo your examination in life.
The fact is you have been born to different religions many, many times.
  • What is your truth?


  • 当谈到宗教信仰,每个人都各自深信其真理。真理是你所深信。
  • 万物创造者允许人在生是考试,但你是否善于使用灵感的分析和逻辑的思维去寻找真理。真理是真理,事实是事实。

A man who prays to the Creator is a Whole man; i.e., a political man, an economic man, a social man, a cultural man and a spiritual man

The Creator created man and gave him the ability to excel in all areas of life.

  • When a man places political career above spirituality, he may defend it regardless of whether it’s right or wrong.
  • When a man places economical gains above spirituality, he may gain money at the expense of other people.
  • When a man places social pleasures above spirituality, he may step over the boundaries of ethics and morality.
  • When a man places cultural significance above spirituality, he may shun and reject other people’s way of life.
  • When a man places spirituality above all else, he may lose sight of the true purpose of life.
  • Without political stability, there can be no economic stability.
  • Without economic stability, there can be no social stability.
  • Without social stability, there can be no cultural stability.
  • Without cultural stability, there can be no spiritual stability.

A Whole Man is therefore

  • a political man that uses his good consciousness to make political decisions for the betterment of his fellow countryman;
  • an economic man that works to improve the livelihood of his family, friends, colleagues, other people and the nation;
  • a social man that interacts with and improves the society in general;
  • a cultural man that enhances the richness and diversity of life;
  • but most importantly, a spiritual man that follows his good consciousness to govern all aspects of his public and personal life.