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Together Baixian will work for the best

Your tightly control has brought you this far
With perserverance you'll not be ajar
Together Baixian will work for the best
Then by the end you'll find you pass your test

Reward is not of this earth

You've put in tremendous effort
For all you've done I must comfort
The reward is not of this earth
You'll realize when heaven rebirth
I thank God for your presence
I'll pray for your abundance
Page 172 (i)

Don't lose your soul

For fish are many
I'm only but one
You'll have your choice when sunny
Don't lose your soul where you want
You may assume the best is healthy wealthy and wise
But soon life ends compare to heaven they're otherwise
Page 172(ii)

Spiritual Tenet

You musn't forget
You're going thru a test
I therefore suggest
Remember Your Spiritual Tenet
Page 172(iii)


You should know you're not easy
You also know you're fussy
When you excel you're humble
Everyone will fumble
Will accept all the grumble
Page 172(iv)

The Reality Of Life

The paradox of life
Sometimes you think it's good
You know its not that good
The reality of life
For nothing has the mood
Except heavenly food
Page 173(i)

Accept Life Without Fright

Sometimes you're right
Sometimes you're wrong
Accept life without fright
Then heaven is in sight
Accept and you'll be strong
Page 173(ii)

Life Goes Round Around

You work for where you're bound
Life on this earth seems sound
But life goes round around
Until "you" heaven found
Page 173(iii)

Your Help And Fast Are Few

I'm lucky to have you
Your help and fast are few
Look to Heaven for anew
When time come you'll have your due
Page 173(iv)

Client Will Come By The Mile

You're stern
You're learn
When you make the next turn "smile"
And client will come by the mile
Page 174(i)

Look For LIfe That Will Always Glow

Do not think i do not know
Your trouble you only blow
Look for life that always glow
Your earthly trouble you will throw
Page 174(ii)

It's Wonderful To Have You

It's wonderful to have you
With your patience there are few
Like a drop of the morning dew
I pray you'll start your life anew
Page 174(iii)

You May Yet To Get Appreciation

A leader of calibre
Is not easy to acquire
With all your peserverance & patience
You may yet to get appreciation
Lest you forget you'll fall
A leader must take ALL
Page 174(iv)

Hold On To Heaven At All Cost

You may recall the past
But i'm glad you hold fast
For all on earth you may have lost
Hold on to Heaven at all cost
Page 174(v)

Road To Heaven

Your arrival was timely
When some have lost the journey
Your journey is not by seven
It is but a road to heaven
Page 175(i)

For A "Place" Better To Live

I believe you're not too bad
Compare the past you have had
Therefore more you can now give
For a "place" better to live
Page 175(ii)

Heaven To Seek

If you're to succeed in things you do
You must now put your hands in it too
If you've heaven to seek
Follow me and be meek
Page 175(iii)

Aim At Heaven To Fulfill

April 1st makes you a fool
But you must make time your tool
You make your life to the full
Aim at Heaven to fulfill
Page 175(iv)

I'll Still Put Up My Thumb

Although you may apoear dumb
But i'll still put up my thumb
I hope you'll kneel down to pray
From earth you'll leave and not stay
Page 175(v)

You Are Among The Few

I just wonder if you'll change!
Till death overtakes you?
Then you will live in pain
You are among the few
Page 176(i)

And You Must Not Others To Say

Don't worry of what others say
And you must no others to say
Life you would live happy and gay
Like the cool breeze upon the bay
Page 176(ii)

You Came When We're In Need

Although you're not of words
You're happy like the birds
You came when we're in need
You're not of word but deed
Page 176(iii)

I've To Thank TIANGONG You're Back

I've to thank TIANGONG you're back
Or else my job I've a stack
At least I've got peace of mind
And heaven i'll help you find
Page 176(iv)

Are You Cooperative?

Are you cooperative?
More than you are submissive
You can't by yourself alone
And befriend you must atone
For heaven is not self
You'll succeed unless you're elf
Page 176(v)

You Are Always My Star

Although you are afar
You are always my star
I'll pray for your success
So you'll aim for the best
For earth your life you'll spend
And heaven you must bend
Page 177(i)

Your Good Deed Will After Life Be A Mention

Lest you forget only with good intention
Your good deed will after life be a mention
Surely you can and you must always manage
Aim fo heaven and rid your human bondage
Page 177(ii)

Your Presence Is A Moral Booster

Your presence is a moral booster
And good relationship you'll foster
Your helping hand we'll remember
And better after life forever
Page 177(iii)

You Have In Your Work Put Your Best

You have been honest and sincere
For you know only God you fear
You have in your work put your best
WE know surely you'll pass your test
Page 177(iv)

Your Return Was Timely

You return was timely
Although less but kindly
But then you have accept
In time a place except
Page 177(v)

You Must Learn To Be Firm

Your children musn't scold you
It is not something new
You must learn to be firm
You must show you are stern
Page 178(i)

Happiness Is Not Money Size

You are among the very few
Who accepted a down when new
It took you sometime to realize
Happiness is not money size
Your reward for a hearty sigh
Would be in sight heaven high
Page 178(ii)

You Reward Will Come And You'll Suffice

Your life is not the throw of a dice
You are now learning to sacrifice
Your reward will come and you'll suffice
In a plain money is not the price
Page 178(iii)

Your Sacrifice Carries D message

Although you are at a disadvantage
Your sacrifice carries D message
I pray you're in the best of health
To participate in Baixian's wealth
Page 178(iv)

Remember No One Is Immaculate

Remember no one is immaculate
If they are not and your expectations
You'll be exemplary and not frustrate
Then time will tell when you're worth your mention
Page 178(v)

Busybodies Crybabies To Frustrate

You must know no one immaculate
Busybodies crybabies to frustrate
See? Your life is what you make it to be
Look towards your future and you'll be free
Let Steven Point be the past of you life
And Washington for betterment to strife
Follow me and pray to the creator
Aim for Heaven to gain Peace forever
I'll be with you in whatever you do
Whose father will daughter hell to pursue
Pray to TIANGONG sincerely for guidance
I'll assist in happiness abundance
Page 179(i)

Stay A Bit Longer And You Will Learn More

It is a pity that you have to go
Stay a bit longer and you will learn more;
For the moment you may not have interest
In the long run you will not be the first;
Remember that in whatever you do
Baitiangong will be the best of two
Page 179(ii)

Kindness And Deeds Will Not Be Forgotten

I thank TIANGONG for all your assistance
You are the pioneer of the first instance
Kindness and deeds will not be forgotten
Appreciation will bloom in Heaven
Page 179(iii)

Remember It Is Right To Put Things Right

Remember it is right to put things right,
But with humility change is in sight
If the approach is wrong all will be wrong,
When it's right the character is strong
Page 180(i)

Surely In Spirit I Was There To Listen

Although i was not around with you in person
But surely in spirit I was there to listen;
For I know in you a man of humility
We've live together in spirit and unity;
Remember what is earthly will remain on Earth
Aim for Life after life for Heaven to rebirth.
Page 180(ii)

Your Good Deed Would Contra Your Sin

Well, although you are without
I know you heart is within
A time will come without a doubt
You good deed would contra your sin
For want of help I need not shout
Your journey to Heaven you'll win
Page 180(iii)

Your Presence Gives It The Touch

Alrhough it may not seem much
Your presence gives it to the touch
As a sacrifice as such
You feeling of love and much...
Page 180(iv)

In BAIXIAN A Family You Will Bind

You presence to accept impicitly
And what is more you did it happily
Thank God for you are not easy to find
In BAIXIAN a family you will bind
Page 181(i)

You are A Brother So Wonderful

You are a brother so wonderful
For in most matters you keep your cool
For all your effort will not go in smoke
A choice of Heaven not a game of broke
Page 181(ii)

All That Is Temporary

Then... it is not surprising
You are the most enterprising
When a prayer is the answer
Baixian will no doubt prosper
All that is temporary
In death no one can carry
Remember the ultimate will come
I'll pray that you are one of the some
Page 182(iii)

Your Effort Is An Earnest Stand

If only you can understand
Your effort is an earnest stand
Then you will enjoy the first of your labour
Like the destined ship that will find it's harbour
Yes! With the help of the captain
But you must yourself be certain
Page 181(iv)

U must show your respect to your mother

Most mothers in the world will show concern;
For all the years that will come in a turn.
No matter what, U must show your respect to your mother;
It is a point to consider for Heaven it matters.