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In the early history of our movement, many Baitiangong brothers and sisters and even non-Baitiangong followers have the opportunity to experience many wondrous, fascinating and even horrible encounters during Baitiangong Spiritual Meditation. Many miracles also happen outside of Spiritual Meditation.

We have recorded many testimonies of miraculous healing, visiting Heaven and Hell and paranormal events like encountering ghosts or roaming souls in our Anniversary Books in the early years. We will add to them here as our volunteers typed them out from the books. As we add in more testimonies, we will inform our followers at Facebook/Baitiangong, @BaitiangongWiki and Google+.

Spiritual Retreat

Special Spiritual Retreat At Bukit Ari In 1977 - contributed by Sis Cecelia Leong

Bro Tan Keng Hong narrated what happened during the Spiritual Retreat at Bukit Ari, Kepong from 23 Nov - 26 Nov 1977 where they fasted for 72 hours, conducted Spiritual Discussion and Spiritual Meditation. They meditated under heavy torrential rains and after experiencing extreme coldness, Xian Sheng prayed for a warm gust of air to warm them. A sister that did not follow instruction were slapped by an unseen force. In deep meditation, a sister related that the tower will fall on them. Xian Sheng parted the clouds so that a beam of divine light blessed them.

Blessing from Tian Gong

Blessing from Tian Gong - contributed by Bro Too Hing Yeap

Sis Chan Saw Peng relates how her daughter, Xin Ying suffered a serious eye injury and the chances of her vision fully recovering after a surgery was only 30%. Doctors commented that under normal circumstances, after such a serious injury, patients would end up with total lost of sight. She and the brothers and sisters of Baitiangong pray to the Creator everyday for Xin Ying to have a full recovery. Against all medical odds, she recovered fully and completely. The doctor confided to her that her daughter made a miraculous recovery.

A Part Of Heaven

A Part Of Heaven - contributed by Sis Faye Kor

During meditation, Sis Dorothy Fam's soul went to a part of Heaven. She went into a huge palace that was littered with diamonds. She saw Xian Sheng's face in gold spanning the entire length of the high wall. What is the significance of her meditation?

Women Suffering In Hell

Women Suffering In Hell - contributed by Sis Phuah Zinnvey

Shortly, I heard someone announcing that it was time to time to eat. All of a sudden, a man dressed in gray appeared and grabbed a woman and handed her to another man, also dressed in gray. That man was holding a big curved knife. He started to chop the woman into pieces, from her head down to her toes. I could see that woman trying to scream as her mouth was wide open during the entire episode, despite being in small pieces, but no sound emitted from her lips. It was truly frightening.

The Reality Of Baitiangong Meditation

The Reality Of Baitiangong Meditation - contributed by Sis Phuah Zinnvey

After meditating for a while, I felt I was being drawn away from the place of meditation by someone. He was dressed in white and his built was similar to Xian Sheng. At that instant, I saw an extremely beautiful dragon beside that person. I quickly followed them. The atmosphere was very beautiful and blissful. Even the flowers, grass and trees were so beautiful that you could not even begin to describe its beauty. I kept on following them for what felt to be a long journey. Every time I step on the fur-like grass, I felt a wonderful sensation flowing through me. It made me feel so happy and free that I wish I could remain there forever.

Different Punishment In Hell

Different Punishment In Hell - contributed by Sis Mei Wan

Case 1: We finally reached a place where I saw a huge dark iron cage. Inside the iron cage, there was a woman with her hands and legs bound by iron chains. I was given the realisation that the woman was my mother. Upon seeing my mother suffering in that sorrowful state, I could not control my tears. I begged Xian Sheng to release my mother. All of a sudden I woke up from my meditation.

Case 2: After they left me alone in meditation, I saw a huge fire appeared out of nowhere. The fire was so enormous that it was beyond description. However, the surrounding area beyond the circumference of the fire was pitch dark.

I could clearly see the fire rising up from the ground, but there was no fuel or anything combustible that could have caused the fire. Inside the burning fire, I could also see many people being burned alive. There were no guards or fencing around the perimeter of the fire, and so it was very strange that all these people would stay within the vicinity of the fire and did not run away.

I noticed that more than three quarter of those being tortured in the fire consist of elderly people and most of them are women. I estimated that the majority of them were Chinese people, judging from their grayish blue Chinese dress. I do not recognise any of them.

Ah Loy female ghost partner

Ah Loy female ghost partner - by Sis Too Zhi Xuen

The next evening, Ah Yoke arrived as usual. Even before I could ask her about the blood droplets, she seemed to have read my mind and said, “Ah Loy, do you believe that there are evil spirits?” I replied, “No, I don't... unless I can actually see them myself”. She replied, “All right. Since you do not believe, I shall open your eyes!” She started to mumble something to herself. All of a sudden, she began to shrink smaller and smaller, until she was only about a foot in height. She demonstrated the same feat twice. I was bewildered initially, but after the bewilderment settled, I began to feel scared. However, I could not bring myself to accept what I have seen to be real. “How can a girl as lovable as Ah Yoke be an evil spirit”, I asked myself. Unfortunately, I was already under her influence and could not help myself.

One day, some of my colleagues mischievously spied on Ah Yoke and I to see what we were up to. They were very surprised to see that I was hugging a can of paint, and not Ah Yoke in my arms. I was very puzzled when they told me, because what I was feeling then was the pleasure of the soft warm body of Ah Yoke. Later on, they told me that at times, Ah Yoke does not move like a normal person when she stands up, as she seemed extremely stiff and awkward - like a zombie. To my horror, one of them said that sometimes, I moved like Ah Yoke too, when I stand up.