Sense Of Regret At Blasphemy

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  • Anniversary Book Name: Baitiangong 9th Anniversary
  • Anniversary year: 9th Anniversary
  • Page: 37-40
  • Year published: 1985
  • Testimony from:Chong Ah Moi
  • Age: 45
  • I.C. No.: 3726001
  • Occupation: -
  • Contributed by: Phuah Zinnvey

Approaching the end of 1983, my husband, Choo K wai, aged 57, had undergone a medical diagnosis at Kuala Lumpier General Hospital. His ailment was diagnosed as kidney-stone. My husband was not a Baitiangong follower then but through my advice and encouragement, he approached Xian Sheng for spiritual therapy. During the second diagnosis at the General Hospital, the doctor was astounded to notice that the stone in Tue kidney had already been removed under the examination of the X-ray films. From then onwards lying husband began to pray to Tian Gong. However, owing to lack of further realisation after a certain period he lost confidence and withdrew from Baitiangong altogether. During a few occasions he even outrageously condemned Tian Gong by saying, "Pray my foot instead of Tian Gong. " (foot here indicates the male reproductive organ ).

By the end of December last year (1984), my husband was not feeling well and therefore again went for further diagnosis at the General Hospital. This time it was diagnosed as bladsee cancer and upon realising this, he accepted the hospital's electro-therapy treatment rather than Xian Sheng's spiritual therapy.

On the 20th of February, 85 while in a relax mood that afternoon he suddenly exclaimed panically," No more, I will speak no more!" Later he informed me that a voice whispered to him and asked him whether he still wanted to condemn Tian Gong or not.

The electrotherapy treatment did not improve his condition. In fact after sometime he was tortured and he looked very inhuman. I still could recall that day on 22nd of February, 85 when suffering from the pain he was so contorted that he attempted to commit suicide. The only thing I could do was to kneel down to pray to Tian Gong and to offer him a glass of water. After drinking the glass of water he felt better. Later he told me he subconsciously heard a voice spoke to him in Cantonese and asked him to urinate. He did not obey the voice however but replied, "No, I can urinate no more! "

After going through with the third electrotherapy, my husband by this had already been unable to walk or urinate and his scrotum were swollen with the stench of stinking foul blood emitting from it. Nevertheless at this stage he felt sense of remorse (regret) came over him for what he felt a sense of Tian Gong previously. One day he knelt at the door-front to pray to Tian Gong. He cried out, "Tian Gong, please forgive me for the sins I had committed. "After this my husband told me that Xian Sheng is a very generous Man indeed. This is so because when I persuaded Xian Sheng to come to heal him, during a critical stage, Xian Sheng came along. I even told Xian Sheng about the whispering voice my husband hears. Xian Sheng remarked,"It's a pity for had he obeyed he could have delivered the disease from his body." With Xian Sheng's spiritual therapy to follow, my husband recuperate again.

Many days later,I again sent my husband to the General Hospital. The doctor did not give him any medical treatment or medicine but informed that his life would not last for two days. I was taken back by this disclosure and wondered how the doctor could be so sure about my husband's life span. The doctor even asked to meet the person who proclaimed my husband could live for more than two days. My husband in fact had lost his eye-sight and couldn't speak before Xian Sheng's visit but after ghetto spiritual treatment he could see and speak again.

On the 2nd of March, 85 on a Saturday morning, while was preaching to someone outside the ward I heard my husband had suddenly engaged himself in conversation with somebody walked into the room but found no one. So I asked him what was wrong. He replied naturally, "It was Xian Sheng. He had just left." He said Xian Sheng was dressed in white as he always does indeed.

Eventually my husband departed six days later, contest to the doctor's comfirmation of only two days. At the same time during his death his composure assumed a gesture of praying to Tian Gong. On the death certificate,we discovered that my husband was actually aging penis cancer which was rather a rare ailment.


1. In the beginning, brother Choo K wai had a kidney-stone. He recuperate after Xian Sheng's spiritual therapy and to praying to Tian Gong. Owing to lack of perseverance and confidence he withdrew from praying to Tian Gong after a short period. Xian Sheng has said, "Praying to Tian Gong is for one attain spiritual and mental reliasation. Never pray to Tian Gong if it is for the sake of someone or for attaining something or for miraculous healing. "

2. Brother Choo Kwai's condemnation of Tian Gong has led him to contract penis cancer. Thread a precaution do not speak anything without having a second though.

3. Brother Choo Kwai was so contorted from suffering the excruciating pain of cancer that he attempted to commit suicide. This is a natural way to believe oneself of the body pain. However, one must bear in mind that it is the soul which will suffer eventually. The Baitiangong Spiritual guidelines forbid commiting suicide, which is an unpardonable sin. So no matter under what circumstances we are confronted with, we mustn't think or contemplate of suicide as we would become roaming souls to suffer aganising pains for an indefinite period on this earthly plane.

4..Xian Sheng once said, "You can condemn anyone but NOT the Creator (Tian Gong). It does not mean however we are encouraged to condemn anyone we wish to. If simply means that you can be forgiven for condemning a person but NOT the Creator. Xian Sheng declares that he too could be condemned but NEVER the Creator. Fire Xian Sheng actually mean that we can condemn him as we like? To this Xian Sheng wants us to reconsider over and over again before we speak on something?

5.It is fortunate that brother Choose Kwai had regretted for condemning Tian Gong as he had even knelt down to pray to Tian Gong before he departed. Xian Sheng said, "This man had regretted before he died. He felt guilty and had begged for forgiveness. By this asset his soul is safe." Yet we must not always think that we can always be forgiven through our wrong doings. This,only once again prevails through Xian Sheng's privilege and generosity.