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We are all answerable to Xian Sheng upon death

Video Clip: 11A-1996


  • At times, I find those talking to me, here on Earth, are very conflicting
  • When you pass away, how do you explain to me?
  • How do you explain to me when you pass away?
  • There are many thing that you human cannot explain to me, you know
  • Many thing that you human cannot explain to me, you know
  • How do you explain to me?
  • When you do pass away, how do you explain, you tell me?
  • You cannot explain
  • You have nothing to say
  • I think you better plan what you want to say to me
  • Otherwise, when you pass away, you will have nothing to say
  • Ah! Don't play the fool
  • Today you may be fine, but tomorrow you may die
  • Time flies very fast
  • Hah. Its very fast
  • Today you are fine, tomorrow you may pass away. So fast?
  • What is fast or slow? Do you have a choice in when you die?
  • You can leave whenever you want?
  • Write down a date you want
  • I want this year to die because ...
  • Thats why you humans need to understand
  • what is Fear Nothing except the Creator
  • How do you view Fear Nothing except the Creator?
  • If a woman tells me, Xian Sheng, no husband never mind, I will sacrifice. Then I say you are great
  • If a man says, Xian Sheng, no wife never mind, I will sacrifice. Then I say you are great
  • Xian Sheng, even if I am broke, it's not important
  • Then I say you are great
  • If you human say, I don't care if I lose everything
  • As long as I pray, preach and work, then I say you are great
  • What is truly Fear Nothing except the Creator?
  • It is very important, you know
  • I have not even talk about think good, only fear nothing except the Creator
  • You must think about this, hah
  • Actually you should take a day to think, preferable tonight before you sleep
  • You ask yourself, what is Fear Nothing except the Creator?
  • what is Fear Nothing except the Creator?
  • Let me thought it through, what is Fear Nothing except the Creator
  • Let me get a breakthrough in my thoughts

Respect God

Video Clip: 03C-1996



  • On 2 October 1982, the police came during our 6th-anniversary function and detained 29 followers under the pretext of organising an illegal assembly.
  • The following day, the Bandaraya (City Council) came and destroyed our stage and cut down our signboard. The signboard had the following - Sembayang kepada Tuhan, Pray to the Creator, Baitiangong and 拜天公. Then they drove their land rover over the signboard multiple times.

Key points:

  • It is not sinful for others to throw away, burn or step on our anniversary card although it contains the word God.
  • However, if a person intentionally stepped on a dictionary, knowing the word God is in it and purposely stepping on God, then he would have committed a sin.
  • The City Council came with the intention and purpose of destroying our things. They are fully aware that we are praying to God, but after cutting down our signboard, they drove their land rover over it a few times knowing the word Tuhan is on it.
  • These people know the meaning of Tuhan and yet defiled it. They do not understand that God is forgiving to a certain extend only but not all forgiving.
  • They will pay for it in death. Even if they were Haji (pilgrims) and go to Mecca a thousand times, they will pay for it after death in Hell. They do not even began to know what suffering is in Hell. Suffering on Earth is nothing compared to suffering in Hell.

Acceptance into Baitiangong

Video clip: 09A-1999


  • When a person that has been listening and following Baitiangong, is ready to accept Baitiangong, a group of brothers and sisters should go to his/her/their house to welcome him/her/them and then request the Creator to accept him/her/them to pray to the Creator.
  • An urn, a plague or whatever paraphernalia that were used in the past is not necessary to accepting a person to pray to the Creator.
  • This acceptance way is not applicable to the children of Baitiangong brothers and sisters as their parents have already been accepted in the past to pray to the Creator. Their spouses are not required to undergo the acceptance way too.
  • The new acceptance way introduced by Xian Sheng in 1999 is only applicable to new followers and not applicable to children or their spouses.
  • It is compulsory for Baitiangong brothers and sisters to fast once a year, especially in the spiritual month of October. Therefore, a new follower, prior to this acceptance way should have fasted, in order to avoid complications later when they announce in October that they cannot fast.
  • Why go in a group? Baitiangong brothers and sisters that have prayed for so many years have build up a personal aura. When they go in a group, their combined aura are strong and they are able to request God to accept a new followers to pray to the Creator. That is why, the more in a group, the better.
  • As the Creator will know who prays and who doesn’t prays, what the acceptance way does is like a formality for a group of us to welcome them and to pray to the Creator to accept them and record their names into our spiritual movement’s records.

Acceptance into Baitiangong. Self or Family

Video Clip: 24A-1999


  • For acceptance, if a person join the Baitiangong brothers and sisters and pray to the Creator, he would be recorded as self. If both the husband and wife joins and prays together, then they would be recorded as family.
  • We would records their details like name and age, address and date into our books as either self or family. If the spouse subsequently prays too, he or she does not have to go through the acceptance way again. Spouse is automatically accepted into Baitiangong spiritual movement. But the records changed from self to family and the spouse detail are recorded down too.
  • The urn and the plague that were given to self (individuals) or families that join Baitiangong in the past was a compromised, namely the urn. The plague can still be given, after being bless with the three Prayers - the Baitiangong prayer, the Lord’s prayer and the Al-Fatiha. However, even the plague is no longer used anymore. Acceptance can be done anywhere.
  • This way of acceptance practised in 1999 is the most direct way for an individual/self or family to be accepted into the spiritual movement. Nothing is required like in the past and no compromise. However, a minimum of five pairs of brothers and sisters are required to witness and pray together with the new followers.

The devil's temptation

Video Clip: 47B 1998


  • The devil has a large arsenal of tools like power, money, sex and etc. to temp human into hell.
  • The devil can only influence a person if they allowed themselves to be tempted by the devil.
  • A person must pray to the Creator with their mind, body and soul. They must acquire and use knowledge and understanding so that they are not easily dissuaded by the devil from praying to the Creator.

Praying to God blindly

Video Clip: 29A 1999


  • Xian Sheng was having a Spiritual Discussion with his followers after watching a movie.
  • He says that while we possess intelligence, our knowledge comes from external sources or extelligence.
  • However, the danger that lies with external knowledge or information is whether we use our intelligence to filter and vet them before we accept them as truth.
  • In the scope of religion, many people are considered to be praying blindly. In those religion, only the preachers talk, but the followers are not allowed or encouraged to question them. They simply believe whatever the preacher says, without using their intelligence to analyse their statements.
  • In Baitiangong, Xian Sheng had always encouraged us to ask questions to seek answers. Baitiangong is a movement of question and answer and anyone can ask anything. Even then, Xian Sheng would ask them not to believe him directly, until they had time to think and analyse what he taught. He advocates using our analytical mind and logical thinking in accepting praying to the Creator to avoid falling into the category of people who pray blindly.

You are your own greatest enemy

Video clip: 73B-1999


  • In this video clip, Xian Sheng explained that we are our own greatest enemy. We must understand that we live to go through an examination in life and we die to live. The examination in life is with regards to the decisions we make and actions we commit.
  • It is true that we are not in control over the actions of others over us, be it politically, economically, socially but we are responsible for the decisions we take on how we handle the situation.
  • For e.g. if someone hurt us politically, do we exact a similar vengeance to them. If someone robbed us, do we rob others. Do the actions driven by evil consciousness of others influence us to reciprocate by following our evil consciousness? If so, then we would have failed in our examination in life and we condemned our soul to Hell. We are therefore our own greatest enemy.

Explanation of the Holy Spirit

Video Clip: 75A-1999

  • In the time of Xian Sheng, there is a form of Trinity here on Earth too. With God at the top of the Trinity, and Xian Sheng with the Holy Spirit at the bottom. However, unlike the Christian trinity, this trinity tells us that during the time of Xian Sheng here on Earth, Xian Sheng has the authority to act (provide healing, for people to witness miracles, for people to enter into a state of Spiritual Meditation, to imprison devil(s) to prevent certain acts of mischief and etc.) with the consent of the Holy Spirit. Similarly, the Holy Spirit can act (e.g. start a natural disaster on Earth) with the consent of Xian Sheng. However, if God commands either Xian Sheng or the Holy Spirit to act (e.g. the destruction of all life on Earth and to start anew), then both Xian Sheng or the Holy Spirit must act independently.
    • Note: In the time of Jesus, Jesus shared the authority with the Holy Spirit. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, he shared the authority with the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is without a form or a body and is an energy that can take on the shape of either an angel or a person if the holy Spirit desires to interact with us.
  • There is only one Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is responsible for carrying out the Divine Law of Nature. God do not have to administer the day to day things in this universe or within HIS creation as the Divine law of Nature acts automatically.
  • In the case of people who are born naturally deformed or handicap or unhealthy, not due to any medical conditions, but as intended by the Divine Law of Nature, Xian Sheng would need the consent of the Holy Spirit before he can go against the Divine Law of Nature to heal that person. Sometimes the Holy Spirit would deny Xian Sheng as the priority is not saving the body, but saving the soul. That is why in the video clip, the Holy Spirit would not consent to Xian Sheng healing a person as that person would not pray to the Creator even after being healed and, therefore, served no benefit for his own soul. Sometimes, healing a person would enable the person to do more evil in life instead and this would result in that person collecting more negative points in life and facing a harsher punishment in hell.