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Baitiangong (拜天公 ) means pray to the Creator in the Chinese language. In the early days after the creation of man, man knew how to kneel down and pray to the Creator as man's consciousness were close to the consciousness of the Creator. However, as time passes, man's consciousness departs further and further away from the consciousness of the Creator due to the ever-increasing complexities of life. As they encountered natural forces like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, droughts or floods that threatened their lives, their inability to explain and control them gave rise to superstitious beliefs that the gods that controlled these natural forces are punishing the people for forgetting to pray to them. Man started to perform many rituals, including sacrifice to appease these gods and over time, these rituals and belief systems formed religion.

Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad, whom we acknowledge as messengers of the Creator came to our world to be born as a human to help guide man's consciousness back to the consciousness of the Creator and away from any superstitious beliefs. Similarly, Xian Sheng, the Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit, came to the Chinese people in particular because the majority of the Chinese people are idolaters. He hoped that his teachings will give them Spiritual Awareness and the Chinese people can revert back to the ancient ways of praying to the Creator, whom the Chinese referred to as Shangdi and Tian.

BaitiangongWiki serves as a resource centre for information pertaining to Baitiangong in Malaysia. The main focus is to make available summaries of the talks given by Xian Sheng, the founder of the Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement in Malaysia. As we have recorded more than 7,000 hours of Xian Sheng's talks from 1985 to 2000, this will be an on-going project for many years to come. Please bear with us, as we will make amendments and modifications over time to update and improve on the information presented in this wiki.

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Brief introduction to Xian Sheng

The Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit

Xian Sheng came from The Plane of Nothing on 6 August 1936, and he returned to The Plane of Nothing on 5 June 2000. To the public, he was known as Mr. Chew Choon Ming. To his followers, he is the Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit and we address him as Xian Sheng.

Xian Sheng lived life as a normal man prior to the Spiritual Revelations that lead him to realise that he is the Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit. Prior to the revelations, he was very involved with his career as a schoolteacher. His dedication to the teaching profession led him to hold many key positions in various unions for teachers from 1963 till 1970. On 19 December 1987, he was recognised for his contributions and awarded the Pingat Khidmat Cemerlang Kelas Satu, Kesatuan Kebangsaan Guru-Guru Lepasan Maktab, Semenanjung Malaysia (Outstanding Service Medal Class One, the National Union of Teachers' Training College, Peninsular Malaysia) by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir B. Mohamad.

Mr. Chew acted sternly, but with principle and integrity when he was the Discipline Teacher. He earned the respect of his peers, the students and their parents as he kept order in the school when gangsterism was rampant at that time. During his time at Port Klang, he came to know of many groups of gangsters and his courage when dealing with them helped him when he was in Kepong and they kept out of his way. His reputation paid off when during the 13 May 1969 racial riot incident, he single-handedly prevented the massacre of many Malay families, including the headmaster of S.K. Pengkalan Tentera Darat Sg. Besi, En. Abd. Karim B. Abdullah (see his letter of appreciation here), from a Chinese group wielding machetes. They recognised him and took heed of his warning that they would have to get to the Malay families over his dead body. He was awarded the “Sijil Penghargaan” (Certificate of Appreciation) from DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong (His Majesty the King) for courage shown in helping to preserve social unity.

Mr. Chew graduated from the University of Malaya in June 1970 with a Diploma in Public Administration. He was the first batch of students that took the Public Administration course that offers Theory and Practice of Public Administration, Applied Development Economics, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Inter – Governmental Relation in a Federal System, Development Planning and Implementation, Financial Management in the Public Sector, Administrative Management and Analysis – Personnel Management, and Political Theory and Political Behaviour. In 1971, he founded the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Kepong Baru Branch. Although he did not pursue his career in the political arena, given the ample opportunity, he was well known in the political cycle and was even hugged by the 3rd Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Hussein Onn as he announced to others around him that Mr. Chew Choon Ming is an exemplary of a person with unwavering principle.

Mr. Chew started to receive Spiritual Revelations in early 1976 at the age of 40. Prior to the Spiritual Revelations, he did not show any interest in religion and God, although he was well versed with the bible, from his school life in Anglo Chinese School. He was a worldly-wise man that lived his life to the fullest, but indulged in gambling, smoking, drinking and dancing. He would not entertain any talks on religion and God. The Spiritual Revelations changed all that and he renounced his indulgences. The Spiritual Revelations that culminated in Mr. Chew receiving The Prayer to pray to the Creator on 4 October 1976, revealed to him that he is the Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit. With a wealth of knowledge and understanding of humanity coupled with his experience as a teacher, he embarked on a quest to educate and change mankind, as he changed himself, to accept the Creator and pray to the Creator. From that day onwards, he is known as Xian Sheng.


Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement

Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement (BUSM) is an organisation for all the brothers & sisters that prays to the Creator and practices the teachings of Xian Sheng.

Baitiangong, in hanyu pinyin, Bài Tiān Gōng means pray to the Creator. The Creator is known as Yahweh to the Jews, God the Father to the Christians, Allah to the Muslims and Shangdi, Tian or Lao Tian Ye to the Chinese people. We address the Creator as Tian Gong.

Universal means that praying to the Creator transcends ethnicity, nationality, race, skin colour and social status in society. This means that anyone can pray to the Creator. As the Creator created the various dimensions including our physical universe, intelligent beings from other star systems and other dimensions can also pray to the Creator.

Spiritual Movement refers to the group of brothers and sisters practicing the teachings of Xian Sheng in their quest to improve their spiritual knowledge and understanding in the hope of saving their own soul and going to Heaven upon the physical death of their bodies. The Spiritual Movement also propagates the teachings of Xian Sheng in order to help others achieve Spiritual Awareness and save their souls too.

Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement is a movement of question and answer. We practice the way of Baitiangong that are able to respond to changes in time and are not bound by rules and regulation; rites and rituals; dogmas, taboos or superstitions that are generally associated with religious movements.


The Prayer

The Prayer.jpg

The Prayer to pray to the Creator was revealed to Xian Sheng on 4 October 1976 during one of his meditation sessions at his home at Kepong Baru at around 3:30am. In his out-of-body experience, Xian Sheng came upon a huge reflective white blank wall. Forty-five "fire-reddish" large Chinese characters appeared on the wall, measuring 7.6 meter by 3.3 meter (25 feet by 11 feet). The 45 characters appear swiftly column-by-column, from right to left, to form nine columns. As Xian Sheng was educated in English, he asked, "God, what is all this? I don't understand Chinese." A male voice replied in Cantonese, "Gradually you will understand." The 45 words were then narrated in Cantonese to Xian Sheng along with its meaning. When he woke up in the morning, the 45 Chinese words were still vivid in his memory. He sought the assistance of his Chinese-speaking friends to help him to eventually reproduce the exact words in The Prayer.

The Prayer is used for all occasions.

  • For praying to the Creator. We pray a minimum of twice a day, after we wake up and before going to sleep
  • For Chook Fook purposes i.e., when we visit a brother's or sister's home
  • For occasions like wedding, to pray for the wishes of the couples to be fulfilled
  • For occasions like obsequies, to pray for the soul of the decease
  • In blood donation, for the recipients of our blood to have the consciousness that the Creator exists and to receive Spiritual Awareness
  • In our Spiritual Meditation
  • For healing purposes. We place the palm of our hands on the affected area and recite The Prayer.
  • Every Sunday at 4:00pm local time
  • Before the start of any BUSM functions and activities
  • Before the start of our celebrations i.e.
    • Anniversary of Receiving The Prayer to pray to the Creator to Xian Sheng on 4 October 1976
    • Commemorate Xian Sheng’s Return to The Plane of Nothing on 5 June 2000
    • Commemorate Xian Sheng’s Birthdate on 6 August 1936

The Prayer can only be recited in its original form in Cantonese, in the various Chinese dialects or in hanyu pinyin. The Prayer cannot be translated to other languages for praying purposes as it loses its meaning in the translation.

We pray by removing our shoes and kneeling down, eyes looking skywards with our hands clasped and pressed to our solar plexus. We recite The Prayer first and followed by our request as follows:

  • We pray for all the saints in Heaven
  • We pray for forgiveness for our ancestors
  • We pray for blessing for our family, friends and others
  • We can then pray for any other request
The Prayer [1]


Spiritual Guidelines

Spiritual Guidelines.jpg

The Spiritual Guidelines is a set of guidelines to help guide us to the path to Heaven. All of us are undergoing our examination in life as the purpose and reason why we are born is to test our resolve to realise and pray to the Creator, to overcome our fears in life so that we are able to think good, see good, hear good, speak good and do good. With the exception of the first guideline, that guides us to realise the existence of the Creator and pray to the Creator, and therefore spiritual in nature, the rest are fundamentally common sense and good practices that everyone should naturally be observing. Please click on the links for a more detailed explanation of the individual guidelines.

1st - Pray to the Creator
2nd - Fear nothing except the Creator
3rd - Think good, See good, Hear good, Speak good and Do good

Xian Sheng initially gave us a few guidelines only, but over the years incorporated the rest as and when the need came up. The first three Spiritual Guidelines are essentially the most important ones that are applicable to everyone in this world.

4th - To understand and practice Sacrifice, Honour, Respect, Patience, Perseverance and Trust

Reminds all of us to practice good conduct when dealing with our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world. Practicing sacrifice reinforces the 2nd guideline to fear nothing except the Creator. The rest reinforces the 3rd guideline on speaking good and doing good.

5th - To acquire Knowledge and Understanding

Stressed on the importance of acquiring knowledge and understanding, both spiritual and general by lifelong learning and reading. A knowledgeable person and an understanding person would have a wider perspective of life and understands his or her place in it. He or she understands the intricacies of life and how to manage them. It therefore reinforces the 3rd guideline on thinking good, seeing good and hearing good.

6th - To follow 100% Baitiangong way of Obsequies
7th - To follow 100% Baitiangong way of Marriage

The guidelines on obsequies and marriage were introduced as these ceremonies, particularly the Chinese rites and rituals are riddled with superstition and ignorance. The business community had over the years introduced more elaborate and expensive ceremonies, making marriage and obsequies/funeral an expensive affair. Xian Sheng introduced a simple, low cost and practical way that the brothers and sisters can conduct on their own, thus eliminating superstition, ignorance and unnecessary costing. The main purpose of these two guidelines is to reinforce the 1st guideline that man should only pray to the Creator as it is a common practice to pray to the deceased during obsequies and offer tea to deceased during a marriage ceremony.

8th - To accept the Baitiangong guidelines on sexual relationships

The sexual guideline helps to guide everyone from going against the Divine Law of Nature. Although sex between two consenting heterosexual couple is beautiful and pleasurable, it is also the most widely abused and misunderstood part of life. Going against the sexual guideline is a sin and that is why Xian Sheng says that our Spiritual Guidelines also have rules.

9th - To adhere to a 24-hour obligatory fasting without food and water annually

A 24-hour fasting is compulsory for Baitiangong adherents only. Fasting without food and water voluntarily for a 24-hour period is a daunting task for most people. However, if we are to call ourselves as people who pray to the Creator, we should at least be able to adhere to this guideline. However, adherents with medical conditions and pregnant ladies are exempted from observing the 24-hour fasting. It is a known fact that fasting helps a person in many ways. However, if we donate the money that we saved on food for that 24-hour period, we would also gain spiritual points for our soul. Therefore, anyone can also practice this guideline as well. When we fast, we are reminded to abstain from doing bad and therefore reinforces the 3rd guideline, i.e. Think good, See good, Hear good, Speak good and Do good.

10th - To accept and believe in Xian Sheng as the Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit

The final guideline is an affirmation that whatever Xian Sheng taught us is for the betterment of our soul while we undergo our examination in life and eventually die to live - in Heaven or Hell. Xian Sheng places importance in saving our souls rather than the body, and his actions have caused some people to question his priorities for his followers. By accepting and believing that Xian Sheng came to us to teach us to save our soul, we would not doubt him and his teachings as we do not have the insights as he does in the Divine Law of Nature.

The Spiritual Guidelines is not exclusive to the brothers and sisters of our spiritual movement, but applicable to everyone in this world. Xian Sheng specifically mentioned that he did not come to give us rules and regulations, but certain guidelines. The Spiritual Guidelines is therefore unique as the guidelines are universal, with the exception of the last guideline, that can guide all of mankind to leave the Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation and go to Heaven. The Spiritual Guidelines show us that the examination in life is achievable by everyone if we are willing to follow it. We do not have to do anything out of the ordinary to follow the Spiritual Guidelines. The 1st guideline is already practiced by the adherents of other monotheistic religions all over the world. It is the 2nd and 3rd guideline that requires courage, determination and effort to practice. Even if we cannot follow these guidelines, we would not be committing any sins. However, if anyone were to go against these guidelines, irrespective of our religious faith or even an atheist, we would still have to pay for them in the afterlife.

The Spiritual Guidelines

  1. Pray to the Creator
  2. Fear nothing except the Creator
  3. Think good, See good, Hear good, Speak good and Do good
  4. To understand and practice Sacrifice, Honour, Respect, Patience, Perseverance and Trust
  5. To acquire Knowledge and Understanding
  6. To follow 100% Baitiangong way of Obsequies
  7. To follow 100% Baitiangong way of Marriage
  8. To accept the Baitiangong guidelines on sexual relationships
  9. To adhere to a 24-hour obligatory fasting without food and water annually
  10. To accept and believe in Xian Sheng as the Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit


The Five Realisations

The Creator cannot be proven to exist scientifically because the Creator transcends science. For centuries, people of the monotheistic faith tried unsuccessfully to prove the Creator exists. If the Creator can be shown to exist scientifically, then the Creator is not Omnipotence as to be able to create the universe with all its complexities and unexplained mysteries. We believe if the Creator wanted us to know HE exists without any doubt whatsoever, we would surely be aware of HIS presence as we are aware that we need to eat and sleep. Life is an examination and our greatest examination in life is to utilise our most precious gift, our mind to reason the existence of the Creator. The Five Realisations are gradual steps that helps us realise the existence of the Creator.

The Five Realisations are

  1. Realisation of Consciousness
  2. Realisation of the Self
  3. Realisation of the existence of the Soul
  4. Realisation of the existence of Heaven, Hell and the various dimensions
  5. Realisation of the existence of the Creator


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