List of words with unique meaning in Baitiangong

Baitiangong Person

A Baitiangong Person is person that prays to The Creator with mind, body and soul; fears nothing except The Creator; think good, see good, hear good, speak good and do good; practice fasting consistently and being a Whole Man

Baitiangong Universal Spiritual Movement

An organisation for all the brothers & sisters that prays to the Creator and practices the teachings of Xian Sheng. See the main page for more details.

Chook Fook

The Chinese term that refers to the act of praying to ask the Creator to bless the family with safe travels, good health, success in life and for their wishes to be granted. We normally Chook Fook for any Baitiangong family that we visit. In return the host family members will also Chook Fook for the visitors.


Baitiangong fasting is dry fasting for a 24-hour period that normally start from 7:00pm to 7:00pm the following day. We fast without food and water during this period.

God’s Consciousness

God’s consciousness exists in all matter throughout the universe and in all life forms that dictates how it behaves. We can observe God’s consciousness in action in our daily lives, but call it the law of nature. God’s consciousness ensures that every object from the largest, like suns to the smallest, like atoms behave in an orderly manner suitable for man’s survival on Earth. All of creation follows their Predetermined consciousness, but the Creator endowed man with freedom of consciousness and therefore, only man has free will.

Shang Zuo

Hanyu pinyin for being in a state of meditation.

Spiritual Awareness

A person that is awakened to the fact that the Creator exist and seeks to pray to the Creator.

Spiritual Guidelines

The Spiritual Guidelines is a set of ten guidelines given to us by Xian Sheng over the years to help us pass our examination in life and guide us on the path of Heaven.

Spiritual Meditation

This form of meditation is unique to Baitiangong as our soul can leave to visit Heaven and Hell. We should never practice Spiritual Meditation on our own without the guidance of at least two appointed Baitiangong brother or sister, as there are inherent dangers in this form of meditation.

Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreat refers to the four times that Xian Sheng led a group of Baitiangong brothers and sisters to fast for 72 hours in a secluded hill where they practice to be saints on Earth.

Spiritual Revelations

In 1976, Xian Sheng went through multiple out-of-body experiences that culminated in him realising that he is The Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit and his primary objectives on Earth is to teach man the original way to pray to the Creator.

Spiritual Vampirism

The Divine Law of Nature dictates that when a person(s) prays to, worships, idolises or become subservient to one or more of The Five Elements, the person’s life-force energy is leached by the object(s) he or she prayed to. These objects can be anything man-made like any statues, buildings, pictures or natural objects like trees, mountain and etc. However, Spiritual Vampirism is a process that takes time if done by a pious individual, but can be instantaneous if done by a large crowd. The life-force energy accumulated by the objects can then be used to perform miracles like curing a single person. In severe cases, the object can even control the mind and actions of a person.

Tian Gong

The Chinese word the brothers and sisters use for the Creator

The Creator

The Creator created Heaven, Hell, the various dimensions including our universe, the Five Elements and human from the combination of the five element, all and more than that. Baitiangong brothers and sisters only pray to the one and only Creator. The Creator is also known as God the Father to the Christians and Allah to the Muslims. In Chinese, we normally address the Creator as Tian Gong.

The Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit

Xian Sheng is one of the many Disciples of the Creator. See The Disciple of God, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit in the main page.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements are metal/minerals, wood/vegetation, water/liquid, fire/energy and earth/soil. The Five Elements were created to serve man. Man is a combination of the Five Elements.

The Plane of Nothing

The Creator created Nothing by thought and within Nothing, comes all the various planes like Heaven, Hell, Limbo, our physical universe and various dimensions. The Disciple and Messenger of the Creator like Xian Sheng, Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad comes from The Plane of Nothing. Their number runs in the billions as they have responsibilities in the other worlds in all the various dimensions.

The Prayer

The Prayer consists of 45 Chinese characters that Xian Sheng received on 4 October 1976. This is the only Prayer and we use it for all occasions. That Prayer cannot be translated into another language and used to pray to the Creator, but can be use in the various Chinese dialects or in hanyu pinyin. The English translation is therefore for explanatory purposes only.

The Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation

It is the cycle how the soul is trapped in a repetitive cycle of birth, physical death, suffering in Hell and rebirth again until they are able to break free by realising the existence of the Creator and pray to the Creator.

White Book

The White Book appeared to Xian Sheng in 1976 when he was meditating. It was blank when he first received it. The White Book signifies the start of Xian Sheng's mission and ministry on Earth and the events that took place subsequently will be automatically recorded into it. The White Book is not an earthly book and not available to us.

Whole Man

A Whole Man is a political man, an economic man, a social man, a cultural man and a spiritual man.